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A bilingual wedding ceremony

A bilingual wedding ceremony

Reverend Ana Quintana Bird officiates Bilingual weddings across the whole state of North Carolina


My prayer for you is that your wedding will be beautiful and deeply meaningful. Weddings are a very important part of my ministry. I love working with couples and serving them this way. It is my belief that all relationships are sacred and my personal style reflects it. The ceremony is the central event in all the happiness and celebration that surrounds a bilingual wedding ceremony. I will work with you to get the bilingual ceremony of your dreams, exactly how you want it.

As a Unity minister, I will help you create an experience that fully reflects an expression of your love and personal beliefs. I am open to working with any combination of denominations, people of no denominations, and those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

I have been doing weddings for over 15 years, specializing in bilingual ceremonies (Spanish-English). Wedding ceremonies with other language elements in French and German can be offered.

The demand for my services has grown significantly by word of mouth from newlyweds long before my presence in this website. Couples look for someone who can officiate their wedding in the style that I deliver--lovingly, joyously and professionally. I am willing to travel to the location of your choice all around the State of North Carolina. It is always a great privilege to participate in a celebration of love.

Call me at 919-768-2900 or email me at

Your best day ever awaits you!

My ministry is not limited to weddings and includes all of life’s celebrations including the blessing of an unborn child, baptism, baby blessing ceremonies,  welcoming and naming and dedication of a child ceremonies,  house blessings and memorial services.


Rev Ana offers a beautiful Unity prayer, inspired in James Dillet Freeman's Prayer of Protection, a prayer that was taken to the moon on the very first flight, on Apollo 11 by astronaut Col. James Aldrin.

LGBT friendly